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Dinah Was
Hildegard Knef
King Kong
Ever Kissed in the Dark?
Sing, German Maidens!
The Fight of the Century

German Premiere
She inspired generations of singers, from Aretha Franklin to Amy Winehouse, and broke down the barriers between Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Pop. The Berlin-based Jazz singer Siggy Davis brings the 'Queen of the Blues' to life in the German premiere of this off-Broadway success. more

Musical Portrait
She was the first post-war 'Fräuleinwunder', played the original Ninotschka in 'Silk Stockings' on Broadway. Her book 'The Gift Horse' sold over a million copies and was translated into 17 languages.
Alone at a typewriter Knef confonts her past and herself.
Knef meets Hilde:
two women, one person.  It is the beginning of an emotional
roller-coaster ride through the night.
Felix Bloch Publishers, Berlin

Beneath the myth of Kong lies a story of ill-fated love, blind ambition and commercial exploitation.
The original 3-Person musical re-creates the saga as emotional journey of its three main protagonists, and how Kong changes the fates of each one of them.

Felix Bloch Publishers, Berlin

Musical Revue
The role of popular artists in the Nazi-era is intimately connected with the songs of composer Michael Jary and his lyricist Bruno Balz. Their popular songs were interpreted by stars of the Third Reich such as Zarah Leander and used by the propaganda minister Goebbels to divert Germans from the realities of the regime.

Felix Bloch Publishers, Berlin

Satirical Revue
Premiere Sept 2017
They are back and this time there is no escape: the good Germans! Three well-meaning Fräuleins descend upon an refugee shelter with ruthless friendliness and give the unsuspecting new arrivals a German lesson they will not soon forget.

A satirical look into the present state of the German nation.

Max Schmeling and Joe Louis were more than just two boxers. On the brink of a world war the boxing ring suddenly became a focal point for the struggle between fascism and democracy.
'The Fight of the Century' weaves the sounds and rhythms of boxing with the tempo of those turbulent times.


Felix Bloch
, Berlin